The Science of Sulforaphane

Cell-Logic, The Science of Sulforaphane

The Sulforaphane-Nutrigenomics Connection Although the term, Nutrigenomics was not coined until 2004, the unfolding science of sulforaphane perfectly illustrates the principles of nutrigenomics in favourably influencing the expression of many of our protective genes. Sulforaphane activates around 200 of the genes governing human cellular defence mechanisms. To maintain their normal function, human cells must continuously […]

Immunobiotics – enhancing human immunity

Immunobiotics – enhancing human immunity

The rise and fall of the antibiotic Once hailed as the wonder drug for eradicating infectious bacterial diseases, the antibiotic has long since lost its shine. There is an increasing awareness that, although millions of lives in the past have been saved, antibiotics have been overused and are now responsible for numerous adverse effects. Such […]

A funny thing happened on the way to the bakery!

Cell-Logic, A funny thing happened on the way to the bakery

A funny thing happened on the way to the bakery!  Millions of sheeple the world over were arrested by the gluten police!   You might logically ask what masochistic streak in me would make me post such a headline!  I’m bound to be shot down in a volley of gluten-free breadcrumbs! The answer?  Real as […]

Heart To Heart: A Logical Approach To CVD

Cell-Logic, Heart To Heart: A Logical Approach To CVD

Getting to the cause Cholesterol is clearly on the radar of GP’s as a primary treatment strategy for CVD with Statins successfully marketed as the number one go to. Yet a growing body of research points in another direction – to redox imbalances and inflammation as primary upstream causes of CVD. The Superoxide assault The […]

It’s time to let your cells dwell well!

Cell-Logic, It’s time to let your cells dwell well!

Good Health Begins with Our Cells Our modern-day epidemic of chronic diseases has taken yet another ugly twist, presented by the dilemma of ‘overabundance’ — too many wrong choices and too few right ones. Although it’s fair to say that developed countries no longer face the stress of war or starvation, our cells still continue […]

Antioxidants — time to reconsider the principles? Part 2

Antioxidants — time to reconsider the principles? Part 2

In this series, we break down all you need to know about antioxidants, with Part 1 last week covering their basic features. In Part 2 this week, we look at where the antioxidant story began. Where the Antioxidant Story Began In the 1950’s following research into the effects of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, Dr Denham […]

Antioxidants — time to reconsider the principles? Part 1

Antioxidants — time to reconsider the principles? Part 1

For around six decades, we have indulged in a passionate love affair with ‘antioxidants’.  It seems we just can’t get enough of these seemingly miraculous compounds that are claimed to prevent disease, prolong our lives and keep us young.  Although that love affair has been souring for more than 20 years in scientific circles, the […]

How to avoid being hijacked by the flu this season

Cell-Logic, How to avoid being hijacked by the flu this season

It’s the first day of June today — the official start to winter in the Southern hemisphere. While many associate the winter season with hot chocolate and cosy fireplaces, it is also known for its sharp rise in the incidence of flu cases, which if nasty enough, can even cause us to be away from […]

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Broccoli Sprouts

Cell-Logic, Understanding sulforaphane

In the world of nutrition, people have known for a long time that the sprouts of cruciferous vegetables and legumes are powerhouses of valuable nutrients. But with a growing body of evidence supporting a cluster of impressive health benefits, the humble broccoli sprout has come to the forefront – and clinicians and researchers in nutrition […]

EnduraCell Highest Sulforaphane Yielding Broccoli Sprout Powder

Cell-Logic, COVID-19 fallout

Independent scientific tests confirm that EnduraCELL yields 3.5 times more Sulforaphane per gram and dose than any other broccoli sprout product on the market. Every single batch of EnduraCell is assayed to provide its Sulforaphane Yield EnduraCell consistently yields Sulforaphane levels that can readily match the doses used in a range of clinical trials. What this […]

Nutrigenomics: the key to ageing gracefully

Nutrigenomics: the key to ageing gracefully

If you’ve ever wondered why some people are better able than others to retain their good health while they age, you probably won’t be surprised to know the answer lies in their genes. But while our actual DNA is non-negotiable—and determines what genetic issues we’re likely to have to deal with as we grow older—our […]

The anti-vaccine lobby will need a better argument than this!

Cell-Logic, The anti-vaccine lobby will need a better argument than this!

Stop Mandatory Vaccination Bids to ‘stop mandatory vaccination’ will need a better argument than the time-worn mercury scare-mongering, supported by an image of a cute baby! FDA’s 2014  comment follows: “Since 2001, no new vaccine licensed by FDA for use in children has contained thimerosal and all vaccines routinely recommended by CDC for children younger […]

We won the 2015 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards!

Cell-Logic, We won the 2015 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

Cell-Logic Pty Ltd was awarded the 2015 Award for Innovation in Nutraceutical Products & Best for Complementary Health Care Solutions – Australia ‘INNOVATION IN NUTRACEUTICAL PRODUCTS’ – we won! It’s always a great honour for a company’s work to be recognised by its peers. Naturally, we were delighted at the end of 2015 to receive the […]

NEW! CardiOS Bone Matrix Formula

NEW! CardiOS Bone Matrix Formula

New strategies for healthier ageing Two important parts of the ageing puzzle have recently been revealed and nutrigenomically-active CardiOS directly addresses these aspects of the ageing process. CardiOS – the solution to removing calcium from blood vessels and putting it back where it belongs – in bone! One of the realities of life is that […]

EnduraCell features at a glance

Broccoli sprouts: An exceptionally rich source of inducers of enzymes that protect against chemical carcinogens

100% whole enzyme-active Broccoli Sprout Powder – Find out why our flagship ingredient is considered the most potent naturally-occurring activator of the cell’s own defence systems.  ENDURACELL FEATURES AT A GLANCE Broccoli sprouts are acknowledged as the most potent naturally-occurring activators ofthe cell’s own defence processes; this makes EnduraCell the ideal supplement. EnduraCell is a […]

The Magnesium Stearate issue

The Magnesium Stearate issue

I suspect you are reading this article because you have been exposed to inaccurate circulating information which suggests that magnesium stearate is a harmful compound when used in supplements. In fact, some manufacturers appear to promote this myth as a marketing advantage to encourage sales of their products over those of their competitors.

Mediterranean Diet – Prescription for disease prevention – Part 2

Cell-Logic, Mediterranean Diet HIW Part2

In Part 1, we looked at the Mediterranean diet as a possible prescription for good health and longevity. The Greeks living on Crete and consuming their traditional diet can boast the lowest rates of heart disease in the world. Not only are the Greeks relatively free of cardiovascular disease but they are also far freer […]

The Mediterranean Diet – Prescription for disease prevention – Part1

Cell-Logic, Mediterranean Diet HIW Part1

A recent Nutrition Society of Australia meeting was themed, “A new twist on health foods”. The theme confirmed the widespread and growing interest in the properties of particular foods. Where nutritionists once viewed foods as providing just macro- and micronutrients, now foods are viewed also as valuable sources of biochemically-active phytochemicals (plant chemicals). It has […]

Foods, herbs and medicine … a blurring of the boundaries

Cell-Logic, Food, Herb or Medicine C-L

For decades, food has been considered the source of nutrients essential to the biochemical processes which sustain life. The concept of recommending minimum levels of each nutrient to prevent deficiency diseases has prevailed. Whilst this view still holds true, research into other chemical properties of plant foods has revealed that plant foods hold new secrets […]