Find out how Nutrigenomics can benefit your health

Remarkable new research describes how potent food-derived molecules such as those from broccoli sprouts can activate our cellular defences, ‘switching on’ hundreds of protective genes.

This exciting new field is known as Nutrigenomics, a term that describes the way in which every mouthful of food we eat sends powerful messages to the DNA in our genes.

Some foods ‘switch on’ the signals that promote health, where other foods ‘switch on’ signals that promote disease.

Enhancing the efficiency of our cells

Nutrigenomics is an emerging science that has identified certain bioactive food molecules with the ability to ‘switch on’ whole groups of the protective genes that govern the body’s internal defence systems.

These defences become less efficient as we age or are unwell – so it makes good sense to embrace strategies that are able to enhance the efficiency of every cell in the body.

Explore our range

EnduraCell® releases sulforaphane, (sul-4-a-fane), one of the most potent food-derived molecules known. Sulforaphane has the ability to ‘switch on’ hundreds of protective genes simultaneously. Sulforaphane is available in greatest quantity from certain strains of broccoli sprouts and Cell-Logic’s EnduraCell® has been produced using technology that optimises the sulforaphane yield.

Our product range includes EnduraCell® as the 100% whole dried broccoli sprout as well as bottle forms which utilise EnduraCell® in nutraceutical capsules. Our CORE formulation, DefenCell includes two key nutrigenomic ingredients EnduraCell® and GlliSODin® combined with an array of essential micronutrients included to optimise the nutrigenomic effect.

At a dose of just two capsules twice daily, DefenCell has been formulated to support cellular defences. Where necessary, appropriate doses of EnduraCell® and/ or GliSODin® may be added to the DefenCell core formulation.

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