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Nutrigenomics: the key to ageing gracefully

Nutrigenomics: the key to ageing gracefully


If you’ve ever wondered why some people are better able than others to retain their good health while they age, you probably won’t be surprised to know the answer lies in their genes.

But while our actual DNA is non-negotiable—and determines what genetic issues we’re likely to have to deal with as we grow older—our nutrition can change the way our genes are expressed. In essence, with the right nutritional balance, our pre-programmed physiological challenges don’t necessarily have to manifest during our lifetime.

Supplements developed through evidence-based research in Nutrigenomics provide the key to combating age-related health problems that affect our quality of life in our later years. Using naturally occurring food-derived molecules, Nutrigenomics is using science to validate what nature has already provided, and to help us age healthier and more actively in the future.

How Nutrigenomics is contributing to living well

Since the completion of the Human Genome Project—the collaborative, international initiative to sequence and map the thousands of genes of the human species—many studies in Nutrigenomics have demonstrated the feasibility of developing not only new treatments for disease, but functional ways of preventing diseases before they start.

Because of these breakthroughs, we now know much more about how nutrition affects the expression of our genes, and the subsequent development of the diseases associated with them.

In the field of Nutrigenomics, we focus on the effects of food and its constituents on the expression of our genes—and we’ve begun to identify and develop supplemental nutrients and nutritional regimes to address the health problems associated with specific genes. While preventative medicine and functional nutrition are still in their infancy, we’re making new discoveries in Nutrigenomics every day, and working towards the possibilities of personalised nutritional plans and supplements based on each person’s genotype.

We’ve already begun to help people avoid and prevent age-related health issues—even ones as severe as cardiovascular disease and cancer. But beyond holding these life-threatening diseases at bay, developments in Nutrigenomics also aim to promote a better quality of life through targeting chronic health problems like elevated cortisol, which can cause anxiety, depression, and insomnia. With Nutrigenomics, we’re only a step away from eliminating these distressing conditions, and moving towards a future of healthier ageing for everybody.


Discoveries in Nutrigenomics towards healthier ageing

One of the greatest achievements in Nutrigenomics to date lies in activating cellular defences, or switching ones protective genes by using potent molecules in specific foods.

The health benefits of the molecule Sulforaphane in broccoli sprouts is now widely known to influence our DNA into promoting health and preventing disease.

Sulforaphane is one of the most potent food-derived molecules known, as it switches on hundreds of protective genes simultaneously, influencing mechanisms related to neurodegenerative disorders, gastric diseases, and benefits of nutrigenomics

Sulforaphane is the basis of a number of products developed through Nutrigenomics, including Cell-Logic’s EnduraCell®. Through Nutrigenomics, we’ve also identified many other bioactive food molecules that act on the genes controlling our internal defence systems, and begun using them to improve the efficiency of the cells in our bodies against age-related decline.

We’ve already developed several formulations involving nutrigenomic ingredients, in combination with essential micronutrients, to support cellular defences—and the future’s looking bright for harnessing the health benefits of even more potent foods that fight cancer and age-related disease.

Combating age-related health problems with Nutrigenomics

Through Nutrigenomics, we’ve identified two important areas involved in the development of age-related disease that can be supported with food-derived molecules: the blood vessels, and the bones.

As we age, blood vessels become blocked with cholesterol and calcify, leading to many cardiovascular problems stemming from poor circulation. Our bone structure also begins to deteriorate, resulting in diseases like osteoporosis, fractures, and other musculoskeletal problems that greatly affect our quality of life in our later years.

Dealing with the age-related processes that cause these things to happen is now possible because of Nutrigenomic research. Cell-Logic’s CardiOS is a nutrigenomically-active formulation that directly addresses age-related health decline by removing calcium that has built up in the blood vessels, and putting it back in the bone.

CardiOS specifically attends to the biochemical needs of men and women facing andropause and menopause, combating health issues like cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis—and even cognitive impairment, anxiety and depression, and insomnia—that can begin to develop from mid-life onwards.

If you’re journeying into the later half of your life, and you’re looking for a way to proactively and preventatively manage your health as you age, consider Cell-Logicǯs CardiOS to simultaneously target cardiovascular and bone issues and fight the chronic diseases associated with them.

Contact Cell-Logic anytime for more information on CardiOS, or any of the other products in our nutriceuticals range,and weǯd love to be part of improving your health and moving you towards healthier ageing.


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