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Australian-based Cell-Logic named as key global player in nutrigenomics

Australian-based Cell-Logic named as key global player in nutrigenomics


Cell-Logic — a science-backed nutritional health company based in Brisbane, Australia, with presence in North America, South Africa, Europe and New Zealand — has just been cited in a recent report as one of the key participants in the growing global nutrigenomics market.


Joining Cell-Logic on the list of key global players in the report are big boys in the market — Danone, Unilever and Metagenics, among others.

Prepared by market analyst ‘Research and Markets’, and released earlier this year, the report points out that the global nutrigenomics market size is expected to reach USD 850.86 million by 2025, registering a compound annual growth rate of 16.48 percent. The report also points out that nutrigenomics can play a vital role in addressing illnesses such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases by offering personalised, gene-based diet.

Dr Christine Houghton, Managing Director and Chief Scientific Officer at Cell-Logic, said that nutrigenomics has greatly extended our view of the effect of food molecules in human cells.

“The term, ‘nutrigenomics’ simply translates to ‘food talking to your genes,’” she said.

“We now know that the most potent antioxidant compounds that human cells use are the antioxidant enzymes made by the cells themselves, and which are readily activated nutrigenomically.”

After years of painstaking scientific research on the compound sulforaphane and its nutrigenomic potential, as well as through a thorough understanding of the broccoli plant’s innate physiology, Dr Houghton created a nutrigenomically-active supplement that yields sulforaphane from whole broccoli sprout raw material.

Cell-Logic’s flagship product — EnduraCell® — delivers 20mg of sulforaphane per gram of the ingredient, made possible by its proprietary technology that ensures that the broccoli sprouts’ essential bioactives are retained and inhibitors deactivated.

“EnduraCell is capable of readily matching the sulforaphane amounts used in a series of successful clinical trials in asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Helicobacter pylori infection, autism and Type 2 diabetes,” Dr Houghton said.

The forward-thinking company is now in the process of launching a new program for gut and metabolic health which includes its sulforaphane-yielding supplements as its core intervention tool.

“Our emphasis has always been to address human health in a logical manner, by tackling diseases through targeting the core functions of human cells — hence our name ‘Cell-Logic’,” Dr Houghton said.


To arrange an interview with Dr Christine Houghton to find out more about the growing field of the science of nutrigenomics and personalised medicine, contact or +61 7 3041 4091.

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