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where we highlight the sciences of Nutrition and Nutrigenomics and the ways in which this knowledge can be applied to promoting and maintaining human health and well-being, using a Nature-compatible approach. 

We have presented the information in appeal to the ordinary reader, the clinician and the scientific reader.

Your Health - Your Choice

The sophistication of modern medicine has tended to make us unnecessarily reliant on others to address health issues when clearly, we have been physiologically engineered for significant self-maintenance and repair.

Acknowledging our inbuilt cellular mechanisms for maintaining health, Cell-Logic is focused on providing the educational and clinical tools required by clinicians and consumers alike to maximise our individual health potential.

You may be looking for information to help you resolve a personal health issue – or you may be a clinician seeking new and effective strategies you can implement in your own practice – your emails or calls are most welcome.

From brief summaries to detailed technical explanations of mechanisms and clinical insights, we hope you will find what you are seeking. And if not, our in-house clinicians are only an email or a call away.

Driving Clinician Education in an era or rapidly-changing science.

As a clinician, you have access to a wider selection of educational material – articles, scientific publications, videos and audio interviews. Many of our past seminars are available as videos for your reference.

To stay ahead in the field of Nutrigenomic and Nutritional Medicine, why not join our live clinician events, online training sessions and post-session interactive groups.

Our G.E.M.M-accredited clinicians have their own interactive Facebook group where you are encouraged to actively participate in both learning and sharing your knowledge and case studies.

Scientific Research

At Cell-Logic, we have a strong focus on maintaining a current database of clinically-relevant scientific literature to ensure that development of our formulations is based on both solid evidence and clinical experience.

Cell-Logic Learning Centre

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