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Our product formulations are underpinned by science and as a manufacturer of nutraceuticals and functional foods, Cell-Logic occupies a unique global position. Several of our core products are formulated using our flagship ingredient, EnduraCell®, a 100% whole broccoli sprout ingredient capable of yielding clinically-relevant levels of sulforaphane.

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EnduraCell® was introduced to the Australian market more than a decade ago. The name ‘Cell-Logic’ provides a clue to the company’s focus on the importance of considering human cells as the logical starting point for nutritional influences on human health.

The Cell-Logic brand brings nutrigenomically-active formulations to pharmacies, health stores and practitioner dispensaries in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Hong Kong and an ever-expanding number of other regions.

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With its strong focus on clinician education, Cell-Logic created a ‘Clinician Only’ brand for clinicians practising nutritional and related medicine. The Integra Nutritionals (I.N.) range which includes several sulforaphane-yielding products, provides formulations which also utilise other carefully-sourced ingredients, all of which are supported by clinical trial data.

The I.N. range includes specific formulations developed for the Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation Protocol (G.E.M.M.). Nutrigenomically-active ingredients combined in these formulations are unique in targeting key upstream processes of the gut-immune interface.

The clinical application of these ingredients encompasses the interactive sciences of Cell Biology, Immunology, Microbiology and Nutrigenomics to address both acute and chronic disease. As such, G.E.M.M. is valuable in addressing not only gut issues but also many metabolic and other systemic conditions.

The Integra Nutritionals Range is available by prescription only. Please contact your health care professional to provide this for you.

If you are a Clinician, please login or register for an account. Once logged in, complete the IN Application form on your Dashboard.

How our Products are Categorised

Our range has been developed to suit a variety of consumer preferences, including powders and capsules in different presentations and pack sizes. All our encapsulated products use natural vegetable capsules which readily disintegrate in the digestive tract.

Our powdered products contain scoops to accommodate the recommended serve size. All are free from potential allergens such as wheat (gluten), corn, dairy, lactose, egg, soy, nuts, legumes, yeast, added sugar, artificial sweeteners and additives.

Cell-Logic and Integra Nutrititionals product range

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