Foundations in G.E.M.M
Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation (G.E.M.M.)

Harnessing the Intricacies of the Digestive System

G.E.M.M. has been developed by an experienced clinician in Nutritional Medicine, Dr Christine Houghton after extensive research into the complexities of digestive health and the intricate connections that link the gut to every other system of the body.

An Innovative Approach to Health

G.E.M.M. adopts an innovative approach in its goal to mimic the way Mother Nature restores our health. This is quite different from popular approaches which aggressively target unwanted bacteria and other undesirable gut microbes. By contrast, G.E.M.M. is both gentle and very effective, supporting the inbuilt defence and repair processes within our cells. By understanding Nature’s own inbuilt cellular defence processes, G.E.M.M-accredited clinicians can directly target gut-immune abnormalities. It is these abnormalities that directly lead to the inflammation so typical of gut and immune disorders.

The Power of our ‘Friendly’ Bacteria

What has emerged relatively recently in our understanding is that the ‘friendly’ – or commensal bacteria – and other microbes living in a healthy digestive tract are absolutely essential for the human immune system to function normally. Knowing this has completely changed the way clinicians must focus on treating both digestive and immune-related disorders. These immune disorders include susceptibility to infection, allergy, autoimmunity, food intolerances and generalised inflammation in the gut and throughout the body.

The essential elements of the sciences of Cell Biology, Immunology, Microbiology and Nutrigenomics have been incorporated into an approach that harnesses the inbuilt processes of our cells. As we say, “The science is complex; the implementation is simple.

The clinical implementation is simple; the underlying principles are complex.

The Gut-Immune-Metabolism-Disease Link

Perhaps surprisingly, around 80% of the human immune system resides just below the layer of cells lining our digestive tract.

Knowing this has provided clinicians with a real advantage in dealing with infectious diseases, allergies and the like. G.E.M.M. provides clinicians with very specific strategies for targeting the abnormalities that stem from poor function linking the Gut, its Immune network and the metabolism of distant organs.

G.E.M.M Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation

We can summarise how G.E.M.M. addresses the prevention and treatment of disease in these ways:

  • G.E.M.M. leverages what is already known about cellular function to encompass the repair and restoration of the epithelial cells of the entire gut ecosystem.
  • G.E.M.M. allows the clinician to simultaneously – and non-invasively – target the key elements of the gut ecosystem, a process which in turn favourably modulates the function of distant organ systems.

Underpinned by 21st century science, Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation (G.E.M.M.) is a comprehensive system founded on the principles that Nature has used to sustain human life on this planet for millennia.

G.E.M.M. utilises a diet and lifestyle approach together with unique evidence-based nutraceuticals that are designed to target key biochemical imbalances.

G.E.M.M Accredited Clinicians

A G.E.M.M. accredited clinician can explain how this effective but gentle approach can help restore the necessary balance to your system. If it seems that you need additional treatment for specific conditions, G.E.M.M. provides the foundation for reducing unwanted inflammation and for initiating the cellular repair processes that are common to all human cells.

If you are a clinician and would like to undertake the online G.E.M.M. Protocol Foundation Course, login to the Clinician Dashboard and purchase the course.

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