The term ‘nutrigenomics’ was coined in 2004 and can be best understood when explained as “food talking to your genes”. The foods we eat send signals to our DNA. The food choices we make determines whether we activate genes that promote good health – or genes that promote disease. As such, the science of Nutrigenomics is a guiding principle that underpins everything we do.

A clinician's focus

Ideally, a clinician’s focus is on harnessing the cell’s endogenous defence mechanisms. Where the ‘old’ science might have focused on increasing the quantity of dietary vitamins and minerals, the science of nutrigenomics also focuses on promoting food choices that provide a wide array of the signalling molecules required to activate upstream cellular processes.

A major advantage is that large groups of genes with similar functions are activated simultaneously. In terms of cellular defences, several hundred genes are simultaneously ‘turned up’ when the signal is detected.

Targeting the Mechanisms of Cellular Defence

Utilising 21st-century Nutrigenomics to prevent and treat disease

Much of the cell’s ability to defend itself is due to the activation of the cytoplasmic transcription factor, Nrf2 and the modulation of another transcription factor, NF-kB which governs the synthesis of inflammatory cytokines and other destructive molecules.

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Multifunctional Plant Food vs Synthetic Supplements

A diet based on a diverse array of largely unprocessed foods which are rich in essential signalling molecules will similarly be rich in micronutrients, obviating the need to prescribe synthetic vitamin, mineral and trace element supplements. That’s not to say that such supplements have no place in nutritional medicine – but they no longer need be the primary focus of treatment.

When the diet is selected for its ability to supply signalling molecules, it automatically supplies essential micronutrients; this is why plant food plays such a key role in the implementation of nutrigenomics. Plants are rich in signalling molecules and plants are rich in micronutrients. Furthermore, plants supply a range of prebiotics essential for a healthy microbiome.

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Nutraceuticals based on the Principles of Nutrigenomics

A nutrigenomically-active formulation is one that contains food-derived molecules which are inducers of cell-protective processes and inhibitors of cell-destructive processes. A core principle of Nutrigenomics lies in ensuring that the practical daily dose is sufficient to induce expression of the target genes via activation of the relevant transcription factor.

By creating its formulations based on peer-reviewed clinical trials, Cell-Logic’s focus is on ensuring that our products are capable of delivering a similar outcome to that of the trial. Notably, our encapsulated formulations contain few ingredients, an essential requirement for the desired clinical response.

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