Ingredient Supply & Product Formulation Assistance

In addition to providing you with our ingredients, we can assist you with advice on your formulation should you so require it.

Our specialties lie in the science of Nutrigenomics, Nutraceuticals, and Functional Foods and we have extensive experience in developing and producing such products using a range of delivery systems.

For Ingredient Specifications, quotations and more, please register as a Product Formulator.

Why Nutrigenomics?

The term, ‘Nutrigenomics’ is derived from ‘Nutri’ from ‘nutrition’ and ‘genomics’ meaning ‘your genes’. In other words, Nutrigenomics is about powerful food-derived molecules ‘talking to your genes’.

Cell-Logic’s focus is on nutrigenomic, nutraceutical and functional food ingredients that ‘switch on‘ – or ‘turn up’ – the genes coding for enzymes and other compounds the human cells uses to protect itself.

Our flagship ingredient is optimised for Sulforaphane Yield

Our flagship ingredient, EnduraCell® has been optimised through Cell-Logic’s proprietary technology to yield appropriate levels of its key bioactive compound, sulforaphane, capable of activating hundreds of genes associated with the cell’s own defence mechanisms.

Sulforaphane has been shown to be the most potent food-derived molecule for activating the cellular ‘switches’ which govern the cell’s ability to protect and repair itself. These mechanisms become less efficient through illness and aging so it makes sense to use nutrigenomic compounds as core ingredients.