As part of our commitment to providing quality education for clinicians and consumers, Cell-Logic regularly contributes to conferences throughout Australia and internationally.

Upcoming Cell-Logic Events

NHAA Herbal Medicine Summit
25-26 May 2024 | Novotel Resort | Sunshine Coast Queensland

We are happy to announce that Cell-Logic are exhibiting at the NHAA Herbal Medicine Summit at the Novotel Sunshine Coast May 25th-26th 2024. It should be a fantastic event! Register here:

Past Cell-Logic Events

The Cell-Logic International Symposium 2023
04-05 November | State Library of Queensland | Brisbane

The science of Nutrition is evolving rapidly, revealing  complex networks of intersecting biochemical pathways, wherein food-derived bioactive molecules are integral to the expression of the genes governing cellular function. 


When these principles are implemented, your patients will be the winners! 


16 Speakers from around the globe will guide you in unveiling the Secret Language of Food, a programme which is superbly complemented by an experiential gastronomic journey that includes ‘Taste the Science’. A series investigating the nutrigenomic potential of ‘Green Sauces from Around the World’, how to provide vegetables to vulnerable groups and the ‘Science of Sourdough’. 


Visit our dedicated Symposium website for Speaker Topics & Abstracts, What our Delegates are Saying, and stunning Photo Gallery


Symposium recordings and materials will be available to clinicians early 2024 via 

Continuing Clinician Events

Conversations in Nutrigenomic Medicine Series 1 & 2

Welcome to Conversations in Nutrigenomic Medicine, a novel format presenting the key principles that are at the foundation of this emerging science, rapidly taking the practice of Clinical Nutrition to a new level.

Although there are many available options for learning about Nutrigenetic testing, there are few opportunities for clinicians to gain a deeper understanding of its companion science, Nutrigenomics.

Conversations fills that gap as a niche programme in graduate clinical education. Already acknowledged as a global leader in Nutrigenomics, Cell-Logic, through its newly-formed Institute of Nutrigenomic Medicine, presents this practical, clinically-relevant approach which underpins our other Educational Programmes and the Product Formulations based on these principles.

This is a recorded education series so clinicians can view at a time that suits them and their clinical practice.

Series 1 is available from July 2022. Series 2 is available from September 2022.

Register for Conversations in Nutrigenomic Medicine Series 1 & 2.

Past Events - Clinician Webinars

Online webinar, New Zealand
Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Allergies, Food Intolerances and Everything in Between

Harnessing 21st century immunology to identify effective clinical solutions.

Past Events - Clinician Conferences

AIMA Conference 2020

Cell-Logic is proud to be a Sponsor and will be in attendance at the upcoming NIIM conference where Dr Christine Houghton will be amongst the impressive line-up of speakers.


Saturday, 7 March 2020


Auckland University of Technology

Integrative Medicine: The Art & Science

Join us to engage with and learn from 25 highly qualified International and Australian speakers.


Friday, 29 November 2019



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