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Cell-Logic Food Intolerances Webinar

Allergies, Food Intolerances and Everything in Between

Event Date:

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Event Location:

Online webinar, New Zealand

Harnessing 21st century immunology to identify effective clinical solutions

One of the least-understood topics of our times centres on the underlying mechanisms governing allergies and food intolerances. A deeper understanding of how these mechanisms contribute to the distressing experiences of our patients can provide better therapeutic solutions.

Learn how to vastly simplify the process of correcting and managing symptoms of allergies and food intolerance. This highly-effective approach is much less demanding on both the clinician and the patient.

In this webinar we cover

  1. The main players of the immune system and how they balance control of infection, allergy and autoimmunity.
  2. How the healthy immune system ‘knows’ what not to attack!
  3. The role of the gut ecosystem in recognising ‘self’ and ‘non-self’.
  4. The ‘nasties’ – histamine, lectins, FODMAPs, salicylates etc
  5. The importance of childhood exposure to ‘germs’.
  6. Why some modern treatments make food intolerances worse.
  7. Nutrigenomic strategies that act upstream to rebalance immune function, ultimately restoring immune homeostasis.

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Free for registered clinicians.

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