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EnduraCell® – Understanding Nutrigenomic Therapy in the ASD Patient

Cell-Logic Bulletin – Adapting Sulforaphane Doses using EnduraCell® 17th December, 2014


The specific cause or causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder remain unknown, although there are several theories which try to explain its more frequent occurrence in recent years. For parents whose children are inexplicably affected by this condition, there is much distress accompanied by an endless search for treatments which will help their child.

Potential Avenues for therapy

One area which is now being explored by research scientists is associated with the way brain cells protect themselves from harm. As part of normal day-to-day function, human cells are exposed to a wide variety of toxic assaults. Most of these come from chemicals which are released when foods are digested; human cells may also be exposed to a large number of environmental chemicals. When defence mechanisms and repair processes function as they should, these potentially toxic compounds are handled in a way that they are safely eliminated from the body.

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