The Nutrigenomic Solution​

A New Paradigm for Enhanced Clinical Outcomes This clip is the introduction to the Nov., 2013 Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) annual conference, Las Vegas, NV. Presented by: Christine Houghton, Nutritional Biochemist.

Sulforaphane: A unique phytochemical

Sulforaphane is a compound formed in plants of the Broccoli vegetable family. The vegetables of this plant family are known as Cruciferous Vegetables. Sulforaphane has been extensively researched for its health-promoting benefits. Find out more about this incredible compound in this in-depth video.

Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation – G.E.M.M. the missing link

This is an introduction to our four hour seminar available in the Online Seminars page. G.E.M.M. provides the clinician with Evidence Based Learning paired with real clinical solutions including a large focus on diet and lifestyle strategies to manage chronic disease, dysregulated inflammation, immune-compromised and/or metabolic disease patients with underlying gut issues.

The Antioxidant Dilemma with Dr Christine Houghton

In this recorded FxMedicine podcast with Andrew Whitfield-Cook, Dr Christine Houghton discusses the science of antioxidants as it applies to the clinical practice of Nutritional Medicine. Do human cells really need high dose ‘antioxidants’? The newer science of redox balance How the emerging science of Nutrigenomics MUST change the way we consider antioxidants as supplements […]