Kefir Starter Granules – Dairy 7.5g

With such a diverse array of probiotic organisms in genuine home-made kefir, you can enjoy an easily-digested low-lactose probiotic food in which its proteins are also modified for easier digestion.

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Kefir (pronounced keh-fear) is a traditional cultured dairy food, originating in the Central European Caucasus Mountains. Cell-Logic’s dairy kefir granules are from this authentic source.


Dairy kefir is rich in naturally-occurring probiotic organisms, including many species of Lactobacilli and other beneficial bacteria as well as Saccharomyces boulardii and related yeasts.

Kefir is highly recommended for those following the Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation Protocol. (G.E.M.M.)


Dairy Kefir Granules


*Follow the instructions on the Technical Data Sheet/packaging carefully.

You will need:

  1. One 7.5-gram sachet of Cell-Logic Dairy Kefir Granules
  2. 250 mL full-cream or low-fat Organic Milk (these kefir granules need dairy lactose as their food)
  3. A wide-mouthed glass jar holding no less than 1 Litre
  4. A piece of muslin or similar open-weave cloth large enough to cover the opening of the jar
  5. A rubber band large enough to secure the cloth to the neck of the jar
  6. A fine mesh non-metal strainer and a wooden spoon

Bottle and store your milk kefir in the refrigerator. The kefir may thicken a little more during refrigerator storage where it will continue to ferment, although much more slowly. Your kefir will also continue to make beneficial compounds like kefiran and vitamins such as folate and other B group vitamins.

Serving Suggestion:

  • Try adding FibrOAT beta-glucan (a prebiotic) for a thicker texture.
  • Serve with fresh fruit, nuts and seeds
  • Add to oat-based Bircher Muesli soaked over night
  • If you wish, flavour with fruit puree, spices (cinnamon and vanilla are delicious) and drink as a beverage
  • Add to raw muesli or granola as you would with yoghurt
  • Chia seed pudding can be made by soaking overnight 2 tablespoons chia seeds, 1 cup dairy kefir with added cinnamon, vanilla and stewed or grated apple as desired.



Prepared Milk kefir is best consumed within 2 weeks. All fermented foods may contain trace amounts of alcohol. If fermented foods are being prepared for children, breastfeeding mothers, or pregnant women, please seek advice from a medical practitioner before consuming these products. To keep alcohol as low as possible, ensure that the kefir jar lid is open to the air. In regards to alcohol content: best consumed within 24 hours as alcohol content may increase over time in refrigerated storage.