‘The Genomic Kitchen’ – Amanda Archibald

What if you could…

  • Maintain excellent health, day after day, even as you get older?
  • Take back control of your health and avoid the common ‘diseases of civilisation’?
  • Have little (if any) reliance on pharmaceuticals or surgery to become and stay well?

Chronic Disease is largely preventable, so why don’t health authorities focus on strategies for promoting disease PREVENTION? Why are pharmaceutical drugs and surgery the primary treatments offered in the treatment and prevention of disease? Why is it left to individuals to discover how to do this for themselves?

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The Genomic Kitchen: Your Guide To Understanding And Using The Food-Gene Connection For A Lifetime Of Health

The Genomic Kitchen is a system of cooking and eating that directly connects the food you eat with the behaviour of your genes. Flexible to your needs, it’s easy to follow framework helps you choose, prepare and understand the ingredients that will help you achieve your health goals – whether that means managing your weight, having more energy, aging gracefully or simply living your healthiest life. This guide puts the power of your genes in your hands– and guides you through the many ways you can use it. Filled with scientific, culinary and hands-on insights, The Genomic Kitchen is your key to food as medicine for the 21st century.


Widely recognized for her trailblazing work as a culinary nutritionist and dietitian, Amanda has a longstanding commitment to redefining food, nutrition and cooking education in ways that make it accessible and meaningful. In addition to founding The Genomic Kitchen, a system of choosing, preparing and understanding food based on culinary genomics, she also created the practice of Culinary Genomics, a term she coined to express the revolutionary merging of nutrigenomics and the culinary arts.

Amanda’s visionary approach and unique perspective are derived from more than two decades of innovation in nutrition science and culinary translation, her on-the-ground interaction with consumers, chefs and health professionals, and her work as a consultant to a variety of leading institutions and brands.

Leveraging her prior career as a published analyst and trends researcher, Amanda has an innate sense of what’s next. Her groundbreaking Field To Plate sustainable food education program, used flavour as a catalyst to unlock people’s natural connection to health-giving foods. Her edible ideation events and other original programs have enlivened the palates and minds of numerous civic, educational, health and culinary institutions, expanding the pleasures—and understanding—of food as medicine. Her signature “food maps” visually connect flavours and nutrients to further the understanding of different ingredients and have opened the door to good health for countless individuals. They continue to serve as essential educational tools, including for The Genomic Kitchen.

Her work in Culinary Genomics, unveiled in 2015, has created a cutting-edge frontier that unites the fields of Genomic Medicine with the Culinary Arts. Through this work, Amanda is placing food, chefs and the kitchen at the epicentre of healing and igniting a new nutrition conversation for the world.

Amanda has extensive training in nutritional biochemistry, nutrigenomics, and functional nutrition. Along with running the day-to-day business of The Genomic Kitchen, she provides genomic test interpretation, nutrigenomics and culinary guidance for clients, clinicians and the team at The Genomic Kitchen. Amanda has taught extensively at clinical, health and industry conferences in the USA, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.