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Mount Eliza, Victoria
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I am an integrative health clinician with a background as a Clinical Consultant Pharmacist and a practitioner for natural therapies. (also in the process of undertaking a fellowship with the Australian College of Environmental and Nutritional medicine (ACNEM).  I am also an accredited genomic wellness, microbiome and pharmacogenomic practitioner, a functional nutrition consultant with a holistic approach, and can provide you with a tailored road map to achieve your best health potential.

As an accredited pharmacist, I see so many people with chronic diseases which are lifestyle driven.  My vision is to provide healthy living through a range of health  services such as medication reviews, functional nutrition, genomic wellness testing and analysis of the microbiome.

My philosophy is to look at a person holistically to work out the steps they need to take to set them on a path of ageing well. 

Knowledge of a person’s diet and lifestyle, the combination of medications they are taking, interpreting their pathology (blood tests), their genetic strengths and weaknesses, a profile of their gut microbes and relating this all back to choices that can be made to improve their wellness. Looking at a person from all these angles, in collaboration with their medical professionals, gives someone a 360 degree view of themselves which allows us to develop a lifestyle plan specifically tailored to their makeup.