Veronika Larisova
Revive Bondi
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Suite 307 level 3 / 251 Oxford St (entry from Hollywood Ave)
Bondi Junction
New South Wales
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You are what you eat, think and do, so where does that leave you?

I’m passionate about helping others to become the strongest, healthiest and fittest version of themselves via training, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle.

I came to Australia from Czech Republic to study Sport and Exercise Science in 2003, which ignited my passion to discover the ‘recipe’ for everlasting health, fitness and wellbeing. That’s how I became a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Strength Coach, Nutritionist, FitGenes Practitioner, Matrix Fitness Master Trainer, Educator, Content Creator and Brand Ambassador.

Work aside, I LOVE running and I proudly call myself an ultra marathoner! Especially after completing one of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc races in 2018. Running is my everything… meditation, stress relief, hobby, means of transport and a rewarding way to socialise and connect with people. I love helping others to fall in love with running and to become better runners.

My quest to find a truly healthy convenience food to take on my running adventures wasn’t very successful so I ended up creating my own wholefood snacks with Libby Babet and I’m super proud to be a co-founder of Chief Bar and Beauty Food.

My journey does not end here.  I will never stop my quest to educate myself and others.