Sheridan Genrich
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In New York from March 2024
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Sheridan Genrich is both a clinical nutritionist & naturopath (BHSc). Her new book, DNA Powered Health is out from March 2024. Since 2009 Sheridan's consulting has specialised in gut-brain imbalances, for people who struggle with digestive discomfort, overwhelm, trauma, sleep disturbances and various addictions. Since 2016 she has been completing post-graduate training <a href="<a href="<a href="<a href="<a href="<a href="">nutrigenomics/">nutrigenomics/">nutrigenomics/">nutrigenomics/">nutrigenomics/">nutrigenomics through Nutrition Genome, Fitgenes, Smart DNA and other nutritional healing diets through Nutrition Network, Diet Doctor, SIBO Doctor Mastery & BioIndividual Nutrition Institute.
She loves helping busy people live life with more energy & ease by correcting the nutrient, hormone or genetic imbalances that many people don’t realise are limiting them living in optimal health, always aiming to use ancestral approaches that are personalised & aligned with nature’s rhythms.