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This is my purpose in life - to empower as many people as I can possibly reach out to, who are suffering Autoimmunity and Inflammatory, Degenerative Disease, with the deep and complete understanding, that when you make the choice to take back control of your health, you have activated an inevitable and innate, healing cascade. Once that momentum is tipped, when combined with the right healing frameworks (this includes protocols for addressing toxicities, deficiencies, infections and other inflammatory triggers) you’re on your way back to total wellness.

So, whilst I am profoundly saddened by the intense challenges many people "choose" to go through, I am so very grateful to those people for their - "in-your-face" lessons - on what will happen if you don’t make a clear decision and choice, to take back control of your health, stepping back away from modern chemical medicine and having complete confidence in your body’s unequaled power to self-heal.

I am committed to giving a crystal-clear health recovery option to you, so as you don’t have to experience the life traumas that family members and friends have endured at the hands of modern chemical medicine!

If you’re ready to step up and take control of your future health, I look forward to being your guide back to total wellness. Remember, once you make that decision and we quell that inflammatory and autoimmune "fire" by removing all those triggers in your diet and lifestyle, you’ll be back on track to experience the pain-free, energetic life you know you should be living.

I use a combination of modalities to facilitate your healing, built on a foundation of Functional and Integrative Natural Medicine. That simply means we get to the “Root Cause” of your health challenges. By integrating an appropriate Dietary Protocol with the indicated Natural Medicines then removing any Energetic or Emotional blocks to healing, you will experience a profound and positive shift in your wellness!