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A key difference in Margeaux's approach to healthcare is looking 'upstream', using Nutrigenomic Medicine principles. This relatively new area of science literally translates to 'food talking to your genes'.

Nutrigenomic Medicine is transforming the services provided to chronically ill individuals, and to those who are seeking preventative medicine for long-term health.

Since 2019, Margeaux has been practicing as an Accredited G.E.M.M Practitioner. G.E.M.M (Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation) is a Nutrigenomic, food-first approach, developed after years of clinical practice and research by Dr Christine Houghton PhD, B.Sc.(Biochem.), Grad.Dip.Hum.Nutr., R.Nutr.  into the complexities of cell biology, immunology and microbiology. 

Using food-as-medicine in the diet and nutrigenomic formulas, Margeaux has helped many individuals repair years of gut-immune dysfunction and conditions affecting systemic health . After seeing G.E.M.M help so many varying health conditions, Margeaux took the opportunity to  work alongside Dr Christine Houghton at Cell-Logic as a Clinician Educator and as an Instructor at The Institute for Nutrigenomic Medicine. These complementary roles have enhanced Margeaux's Nutrigenomic Medicine knowledge to help her patient health outcomes, and to assist other practitioners in their clinical practice.

Margeaux offers online/Telehealth appointments from her home office in Brisbane Australia on Saturday's by appointment.

Please note bookings for new patients are temporarily closed. Existing patients can book until 1st June 2024.